Welcome to The Ad Reel! If you’re a fan of anything related to media and marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike many movie review sites, I won’t give my two cents on the overall plot and presentation of the film itself, but rather the marketing campaign behind it. When you think about it, the trailer, commercial ads, billboard posters across town, and social media tactics are what get viewers to the movie theater to see a film. Without marketing techniques, many films would not have made the billion dollar overall grosses they hold today.

By combining two of my passions, media, and marketing, I will focus on the strategies marketers come up with to have such successful campaigns. Here on The Ad Reel, I will talk largely about upcoming and current marketing campaigns as well as ones from the past. My goal for this movie marketing blog is to connect with people like you and start insightful discussions about these unique campaigns. To me, it’s always exciting to look at campaigns that were absolutely outstanding and even the ones that were atrociously disappointing. That’s why on each marketing review I’ll leave a rating of 1 to 10 stars depending on the success and cleverness of the campaign.

This blog is an open median for all entertainment media fans and marketers alike to come together and share their thoughts. So sit back, relax, pop some popcorn, if you fancy, and let’s talk marketing!

The Author

My name is Jenna Salerno, and to keep it plain and simple, I love movies and television! As a recent college graduate and content writer, I’m excited to take my first dive into the blogosphere where I can share my interests with others. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and I hope you’ll embark on this creative journey with me!

Don’t be afraid to reach out! As a film geek, I love hearing from anyone with the same passions and interests as me.

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